Where can I create a Will for free?

Writing your will is simple and free of cost at doyourownwill.com. This free service is appropriate for individuals under age 65 with estates of less than $3.5 million in value.

Many people wonder how and why the site provides this service for free. Common questions about the site include:

Do I have to share my email address to complete my Will?

No. You will not be asked to provide an email address to complete or save your Will.

How does the site make money if the service is free?

DoYourOwnWill.com collects revenue by placing relevant advertisements along the top and side of the web page and through affiliate relationships with other companies.

Last Will and Testament

Distribute your property, name guardians, and appoint an executor.


Start your Will

Living Will

Let others know your health care decisions.


Start your Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney

Appoint someone to communicate your decisions if you can't.


Start your Health Care Power of Attorney


General Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is frequently used in the event of a Principal's illness or disability or where the Principal cannot be present to sign necessary legal documents.


Start your General Power of Attorney

Pet Guardian Trust

Appoint someone to care for your pets.


Start your Pet Guardian Trust

Assign a Digital Agent

Share access to your estate documents with people you trust to help carry out your wishes.


Assign your Digital Agents

Important Contacts - Your Will

Add contact details for your Executors and Guardians (addresses, emails, phone, and notes.)


You must complete your Will, before accessing this form.

Funeral Planning Checklist

Add additional funeral and/or memorial information that wasn't stated in your Will.


Add Details

Organize Your Digital & Paper Files

Use these customizable printable worksheets to help document account related information.

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Important Documents You and Your Family Need

Invite family and friends to DoYourOwnWill.com.

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