Organize Your Digital & Paper Files

Use these printable worksheets to help assist those in handling your personal affairs. Each document below is customizable for easy planning.

My bank accounts

Banks and Brokerages

I have the following banks/brokerages in my name.

My credit cards

Credit Cards

I have the following credit cards in my name.

My email accounts

My Email Accounts

I have the following email accounts in my name.

My email accounts

Websites / Apps in My Name

I have the following digital accounts in my name.

My home accounts

House Related Utilities and Services

I have the following services/utilities in my name.

My vehicles

Vehicles (Auto, Motorcycle, etc.)

I have the following vehicles in my name.

Liabilities and Debts

Liabilities and Debts

Auto, personal, mortage, and other loans in my name.

My electronic devices

Electronic Devices

Computers/laptops, cell phones, other electronic devices.

Form added soon.

My insurance details

Insurance Policies

Home, auto, life, health insurance details.

Form added soon.

My investment details

Investment Accounts

Stocks, bonds, retirement details.

Form added soon.

Advisors and important contacts

Advisors / Important Contacts

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other important contacts.

Form added soon.

More digital planning worksheets coming soon.