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Our site provides basic information regarding estate planning and allows for the creation of a simple will. Thousands of people come to this site each day searching for basic estate planning information. We recognize that many individuals may have questions or needs beyond the basic information provided and in many cases, they also want the services of skilled and experienced attorneys to guide them through the process.

How it Works

Individuals are more likely to hire an attorney with whom they have an existing relationship than for any other reason, including recommendations from friends or associates. An existing relationship enables individuals to size up an attorney and make a judgment as to whether they can confide in that attorney and whether they can trust him or her to handle their affairs.

Listing your profile on enables you to build a relationship with individuals who are already searching for information on estate planning, living trusts, elder law and/or probate. If you meet the qualifications below, listing on our site is completely free.

Once listed, your personal and professional credentials will be showcased through our Lawyer Search Directory. Individuals will be able to find your attorney profile by searching for your name, practice area and/or state.

Requirements for Participation

These minimum requirements help to insure that individuals will receive high-quality legal services in the areas of estate planning, living trusts, elder law and probate.

The requirements for listing your practice on our Lawyer Search Directory are:

  1. A minimum of 2 years as a practicing attorney.
  2. A minimum of 20% of practice time devoted to estate planning, living trusts, elder law and/or probate.
  3. Maintain professional liability insurance.
  4. Maintain a full-time law practice.
  5. Maintain membership in good standing in his/her state bar.

In addition, attorneys who participate in our Lawyer Search Directory also agree to:

  1. Provide a free one-half (½) hour initial consultation.
  2. Provide a written agreement outlining the services to be performed and the fees to be charged before any services are rendered.

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If you meet the qualifications for listing in our Lawyer Search Directory, we encourage you to apply today. It's never too early to start building relationships with individuals in your practice area who are looking for the exact services you provide. All listings are subject to our terms and conditions.

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