How Do I Make a Will?

Many people put off writing a Will because they believe it will be costly or difficult, that it is unnecessary because their possessions will automatically pass to their spouse or children, or simply to avoid thinking about their own death. But writing a Will is critically important for all adults regardless of wealth, marital status, or age.

Most people don’t realize that planning and preparing a Will can be quite simple. If you're interested in creating your last will and testament online, offers a free service. The site uses a guided, step-by-step process resulting in a legally valid Will you can save to your computer in a PDF or editable format.

Last Will and Testament

Distribute your property, name guardians, and appoint an executor.

Start your Will

Before beginning this process, it is helpful to understand the components of a Will.

Generally, a Will includes the following information:

  • Your name and place of residence
  • A description of your assets
  • Names of spouse, children and other beneficiaries
  • Alternate beneficiaries, in the event a beneficiary dies before you do
  • Specific gifts
  • Name of an executor
  • Name of a guardian for minor children
  • Name of an alternative guardian, in the event your first choice is unable or unwilling to act
  • Your signature
  • Witnesses' signatures

See DoYourOwnWill's page on Will Requirements or read about the other topics in the left menu for more information. When you're ready to begin writing your Will, simply click on Do Your Own Will to get started with the simple process!