Nonprofit Planned Giving - FAQs

Forever free to your nonprofit!

Is it really free?

Yes. Forever free to your nonprofit and users.

What can I do with our unique URL?

This unique link can be shared within your organization/marketing. We would love it if you promoted the link. However, it doesn't matter in the end, we just want to make it easier for your potential users to donate.

What do you need from my nonprofit to signup?

You can signup using the form below. Or by sending your organization's name, full address, EIN number, logo, and a contact directly to

Can I start/stop/pause the partnership?

Yes. Your contact can login to our system (or email directly) and start/pause/stop, at any time.

How can I see our giving statistics?

Shortly after signup, the contact email will receive an email with login details (creating an account here is optional.)

How It Works

Signup using the form below!

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Your questions about nonprofit giving can always be directed at